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    10 Warning Signs of High Blood Pressure

    10. Understanding hypertension  The best way to find out if you have high blood pressure is to actually take a blood pressure reading. You can do this with your doctor, or at home — there are many easy to use devices available. After getting the reading it’s important to understand what it actually means. The easy to read […]

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    10 Ways to Protect Your Skin and Prevent Skin Cancer

    10. SPF is only half the story  The SPF label on your sunscreen only tells you how good it is at blocking UVB rays, which are primarily responsible for sunburn. What SPF doesn’t tell you, is its effectiveness at stoping UVA rays, which penetrate deeper into the skin and can cause dangerous cell modifications.

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    Bridal Trends: Most Gorgeous Dresses of 2016

    10. 50 Shades of Pink  Wedding dresses don’t have to be white anymore, in fact in 2016 we’ve seen more brides than ever before shy away from the traditional eggshell look. Pictured above is the ombré layered creation from Christian Soriano – definitely this years hit. 

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    2016: Best Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

    10. For the mom that wants flowers If your mom is the type that wants flowers every year, then consider switching it up. If you normally get her a bouquet of roses, look into getting a tomato red ranunculus flower arrangement instead. It’s less expected, and arguably more beautiful than the typical rose.

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    10 Best Memorial Day Vacations on a Budget

    10. Palm Springs, California  Palm Springs makes a perfect Memorial Day destination, especially if you’re on a budget. While most beach seasons are just starting up, Memorial Day pretty much marks the end of bearable temperatures in the deserts. Because of this, hotels and resorts are starting to run promotions in order to get more […]

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    10 Foods High in Fats That are Actually GOOD for You

    10. Avocados When it comes to fruits and vegetables, avocados are very different from everything else. While most fruits area loaded with carbohydrates, avocados are about 77% fat. That being said, the fat found in avocados (monounsaturated) has been linked to many health benefits.

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    Top 10 Canadian Travel Spots

    10. Sea-to-Sky country, British Columbia As you can tell from the image above, Sea-to-Sky country is privy to some of the most beautiful views in the country. If the view alone isn’t enough to convince you to visit, then consider the fact that Whistler is North America’s largest ski resort that offers the gold standard […]

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    10 Best Diets

    10. Weight Watchers The Weight Watchers diet got its rise in popularity thanks to celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson and Jenny McCarthy. The wide appeal of the diet can be attributed to the way it’s structured. The unique points system was a great way to make dieting fun, thus helping […]

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    10 Signs Your Heart is Not Healthy

    10. Chest Discomfort Chest pain and discomfort is one of the most common signs of heart danger. In most cases it could be nothing serious, but sometimes it could indicate a blocked artery or serve as a warning for a heart attack. In either case, if you feel pain, tightness, or pressure for more than […]

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