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    10 Reasons Why Michelle Obama Is The Epitome Of First Lady Excellence

    10. She Speaks To Our Youth It’s critically important that the youth of the U.S. is stimulated and pushed to focus on their goals and future, rather than the petty nonsense that happens to be taking over the internet. It’s easy for young people to carried away with the he-saidshe-said that is associated with social […]

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    15 Cars to Avoid At All Costs in 2017

    15. Mitsubishi Mirage Despite having an attractive entry price of $12,995, the Mirage is one of the lowest rated subcompact vehicles according to Consumer Reports. While it’s cheap and gets great gas mileage, the car, unfortunately, isn’t a very smooth ride due to its small 3-cylinder engine that tends to make the car vibrate. Yeah, […]

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    15 Common Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ever Ignore

    15. Persistent Cough One of the more common symptoms of cancer is a persistent cough that results in blood-tinged saliva. While bronchitis and sinusitis can trigger the same symptoms, it can also be an early warning sign of lung, head, or neck cancer. If you have a chronic cough that lasts more than a month, […]

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    15 Things You Should Never Buy at Garage Sales

    15. Helmets When it comes to bike helmets, we suggest buying new rather than used. Helmets are designed to withstand the impact of one accident and many times damage to the overall structure of the helmet can’t be seen. Therefore, what looks like a practically new one may not be structurally sound. Plus, do you […]

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    10 Ways to Recycle And Repurpose Your Old Bras

    10. Recycle & Reuse Recycling your old bras should be the first thing you think of when you’re going through all your old clothes—and I don’t mean just literally recycling them. There are so many women who need a little help now and then and it’s super easy to donate your gently worn boulder holders […]

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    10 Things Nutritionists Actually Want You To Know

    10. Detox Diets Don’t Work Unfortunately, for all of you who love the good ol’ detox diets that are advertised everywhere I have some bad news–they don’t work. The idea that by eating and drinking certain mixtures of things will make your body detox faster than naturally possible is just silly. Your body works at […]

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    10 Retro School Supplies That Will Bring You Right Back To Childhood

    10. The Pencil Box The pencil box has always been a necessity for school because it’s where you kept your pencils and pens–essential for any school. But let’s get real the most important part of the pencil box was the cool design or picture on the outside. It was a way to express yourself and […]

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    10 Creative Ideas for your Apartment Garden

    10. Wine Boxes If your apartment has a balcony then you can easily repurpose some of that space for your very own   herb garden. For a super easy solution to your “no-space-for-a-garden” problem, opt to plant some herbs in wine boxes. Look into what exactly can grown in your climate and give it a shot!

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    11 Best Supplements for your Buck

    11. Creatine  As far as supplements go, Creatine is one of the most researched out there. Studies have shown that aside from being completely safe when dosed properly, Creatine is also very effective in more than 80% of people that take it. If you’re not sure what it does, in short it acts as an […]

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