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    10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow

    10. Carrots  Carrots are probably the best vegetable to start with. Not only are they extremely easy to grow, but they’re also delicious. To grow a carrot to its maximum potential, a light, sandy soil is ideal. Carrots love a lot of sunlight, but when it comes to temperatures they’re quite resilient.

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    9 Ways to Become a Millionaire

    9. Work Smart and Hard As cliche as this sounds, you need to work harder and smarter than the rest of the competition. When you first start out, focus on working smarter because there is no use in working harder if your work isn’t effective at producing income. Take a step back and evaluate what part […]

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    9 Celebrity Couples that Hooked Up and Broke Up

    9. Kylie Jenner and Tyga The youngest of the Kardashian clan started dating Tyga when she was just a 17-year-old baby. The couple was on and off for 2 years, but broke up because of rumors that Tyga was cheating. This wouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering how he left his baby and the […]


    11 Needlessly Gendered Products for Women

    11. Protein powder Even the thought of gender specific protein powder is quite ridiculous. Just because there is a pink label on your whey container, it doesn’t make the nutritional value any more “feminine.” Men and women have very similar nutritional needs, and these gender specific supplements are simply a money grab.


    10 Houses Of The Rich And Famous

    10. Oprah Winfrey It should’t surprise you that Oprah lives in a gorgeous 23,000 square foot home. Complete with six giant bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and a home theatre, this castle is perfect for the Queen of Hollywood. 

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    10 Exercises That You Should Never Do

    10. Arm Circles with Weights While it might look (and feel) like you’re getting a good workout by swinging your arms around in a circle, doing this exercise with weights can actually be detrimental to your health. Over time, this can lead to shoulder pain, or worse – shoulder impingement syndrome. 

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    10 Easy Hairstyles For This Summer

    10. The Side Braid This stylish look can add a little bit of class to any outfit. Thanks to its versatility it can be sporty or chic, depending on the look you’re going for that day. Pro tip — the sideboard is amazing for covering up a bad hair day, so next time you’re having […]

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    10 Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

    10. Save Broken Powder We’ve all had our favourite highlighter or eyeshadow fall on the floor and break (along with our hearts). An easy fix is just to add a little bit of rubbing alcohol, smooth it out and let it rest there for a few minutes. Once it’s hardened it’ll be good as new!

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    10 Biggest Myths in the Fitness Industry

    10. “You need to train yours abs every day to get a chiseled six-pack”  Unfortunately, doing 1000 crunches won’t give you the ab definition that you want. You can have the strongest core, but at the end of the day “six-pack” visibility comes down to low body fat. You probably heard the saying, “abs are made […]


    10 Foods you Should be Cooking With

    10. Turmeric  There are a lot of ways of cooking with turmeric, which is what makes it an amazing spice to have in your cupboard. You can add it to scrambled eggs, tofu, rice, roasted vegetables, soups and pretty much anything else. Besides making your food taste great, turmeric is also full of health-promoting properties.