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    10 Foods you Should be Cooking With

    10. Turmeric  There are a lot of ways of cooking with turmeric, which is what makes it an amazing spice to have in your cupboard. You can add it to scrambled eggs, tofu, rice, roasted vegetables, soups and pretty much anything else. Besides making your food taste great, turmeric is also full of health-promoting properties.

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    10 Foods High in Fats That are Actually GOOD for You

    10. Avocados When it comes to fruits and vegetables, avocados are very different from everything else. While most fruits area loaded with carbohydrates, avocados are about 77% fat. That being said, the fat found in avocados (monounsaturated) has been linked to many health benefits.

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    10 Best Diets

    10. Weight Watchers The Weight Watchers diet got its rise in popularity thanks to celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Hudson and Jenny McCarthy. The wide appeal of the diet can be attributed to the way it’s structured. The unique points system was a great way to make dieting fun, thus helping […]